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Originally Posted by 10" View Post
I would say a 'base' F80 M3 is a decent car...but not even close to being analogue. Have driven a few and liked it but it still felt detached to me. The steering felt video game-like and the brakes felt boosted. There are suspension "settings" (which I don't want), fake noise, and that quite unfortunate S55 exhaust note!

I do think BMW is heading in a not so savoury direction in the next M3 so the F8X generation may again be thought of as analogue compared to the blasphemous AWD M3 about to drop—-but the F80 M3 still doesn't really qualify as an analogue car to me. It doesn't have the 'connected' feel of the E90 M3...
The F80 reminds me of the 1M in how it breaks traction easily and can be a handful with slight throttle inputs. The torque overpowering the chassis is a fun dynamic. The early base models could be bought without adaptive suspension, which is preferable, IMO.

The EPS steering is the obvious downside - hydraulic is just better.
That is the connection that people feel is missing.

Porsche has done the best job of engineering the EPS “feel”.

Hoping the M-division can enhance the steering this go around (G80 pure) and take all the good bits of the F80 and enhance the weakness in the steering.

1M steering is so good, it should be reason #1 in every review of why it is such a special car, JMHO, but the heavy inputs, road feel, ratio, feel of the wheel is the definition of ‘analogue feel’ for me in a car.