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Agree hard to beat s 1m, I got a manual m6 gran coupe and chipped it to be my daily to keep miles off the 1m and in the garage as I stacked up DD'ing it for 6 years. I am always pleasantly happy when the m6 or wife's cars in the shop and I revert to the 1m, just perfect in almost every way. Seat position was high was my only critique(performance seats are rip off but oh so good).

Mine frustrates me at the track, short wheelbase makes it hard to keep up with larger cars and always some light that comes on but a big turbo 1m with 89k miles what are you going to do.

Absolutely wonderful on street and so much more fun than my other cars and nearly any I've driven, especially at real world speeds. Hard to ring out a gt3rs but the Brutish little 1m is a blast even if speed limits 45.

Porsche gt cars only real way mainstream to upgrade and driven plenty, put deposits down and stuck with the 1m in the end 3 times now.

The Alfa 4c if they made manual is a great statement, wonderful little cars if looking for fun but manual is too important to me.

Noteworthy is I recently tried to get the wife to trade her manual 996 C2(so incredible for the money w suspension, exhaust, intake and it's right up there for fun when you factor in cost to run and depreciation) on a new lotus Evora 400 and if I wasn't attached to the 1m I might swapped it if I'm being real. I highly recommend anyone interested in the slightest go drive it, super direct steering, incredible ap brakes, shifters up there w 1m. Overall experience like the 1m is simple, fabulous, I loved it, engine is mundane but delivers what you need. I was offered $25k total off sticker inclusive of lotus rebates making it low 80's and 100% worth it but alas fixed seat height when I'm 6'2" and she's 5'1" matters and wasn't giving the 1m up! Definitely say check out a stick shift evora 400 or 410.
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