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We are truly old souls unhappy without that third pedal on the floor and that joy stick in our hand ..... long live true sports cars😎

QUOTE=nachob;24712980]I replaced mine. Got a 2003 330i ZHP manual since I had small kids while I evaluated M235, M2, etc. I regretted selling mine. I ended up looking at a lot of cars and finally looked for a used 1M and went back. It's coming on 4 years soon with the 2nd 1M. The first one I had just under two years.

There are lot of guys here that love the NAV, IDrive, dynamic suspensions, backup sensors, power folding mirrors etc. I don't. So for ME, there is nothing else out there. For the first time in my life there are no new cars I am lusting for. I really like the Audi S3 but only automatic and it has a screen and iController. Same with RS3. The GTI, I do like and still offered with a manual but already picked up one of those for the wife. All the new BMWs with fake sound, big screens, electric steering just turn me off.

I have started to only look at used cars. Today I decided to look at 2015 gen 3 miata club. I went to the dealer but it was sold. He showed me a current Gen4 Miata with Recaro seats and BBS wheels. I paused for a second. It looked pretty good but then I sit in it with the stupid iController and this-has-no-business-in-a-real-sportscar screen and I just couldn't do it.

The new gadget driving interfaces kill it for me and no more manual options. The Golf R has gone all digital instruments. So there is nothing for me after the 1M.

I'm not the only one, I'm sure of it. Prices for analog manual cars are going nuts. E46 M3s, manual Ferraris, etc. People are realizing that this stuff is going away. So it makes it very hard to let go of the 1M.

If you don't care about that stuff like I do. I envy you. If it doesn't bother you, I mean it. I truly wish I would get off on having a big computer screen in front of my sports car view.

Really the 1M is irreplaceable if you like the pure no-nav cockpit, an oil gauge, no digital soundtrack, manual transmission and analog steering and cockpit.

Good luck in your search![/QUOTE]