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Originally Posted by mjovic View Post
I am leasing BMW's car and if they want me to change the oil on THEIR car every 15,000 miles then that's what I'll do. If it were MY car, I would do every 5,000.
Without a few oil analysis to verify your early oil change, you are wasting money, time, an resources. It's pointless to throw away still viable oil.

How many people who change their synthetic oil will really drive their BMW's for longer than 10yrs? Very very few, and even then where's the evidence that changing out still good oil sooner and sooner will result in the engine lasting longer?

When's the last time you heard someone you know say their engine died because they followed the manufacturers maintenance intervals?
I've been into cars for nearly 30yrs, and I've yet to hear of it.
What I do hear and experience very often is people who don't even do the required services at the required time, and I am SHOCKED at how long their cars still survive and work. That's even more amazing.