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Originally Posted by Elsabor67 View Post
E85 fuel is very dense adn does not burn completely. To put it in perspective, here in Germany when they rolled out E10 gas ADAC (German AAA) and other test companies stated clearly that E10 was not good and would eventually lead to problems. Such was the uproar from the german community that the German government had to suspend the addition of E10 gas to all german gas stations.

In the Europe sub-forum, it was discussed at lenght because they tried to "slide" it in without the service members noticing it. It backfired miserably.
Indeed, it is a fuel that corrodes rubber (seals and lines), leaves a sticky residue, and has not been fully tested with our platform (and many other auto's), but what can be concluded about the cause/effect of 3 injectors going out at once as a result of using E85 fuel?

I would imagine many would be reporting similar incidents, but this is the first one I've seen where someone is linking injector failure to e85 fuel.

That said - I have some experience with E85 from my previous performance vehicle, and I can tell you, it is a very risky fuel to use to say the least.

My injectors were gummed up at the injector tips from the e85 residue and carbon/oil vapors mixing and building up. They looked like solid black drops hanging off the injector tips. It eventually caused a lean condition and popped my engine. I wonder if this is the case here.