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Originally Posted by Munit View Post
Although the 1m engine is a bit underrated, it is not as underrated as many like to think. Anyone who has played around with 1m's vs m3's on the streets in rolling races, will know that the m3 consistently pulls away at any speed or any roll start in a linear fashion in the way a car with about 30-40hp more horsepower would.

But you need to take into account the weight and the 1m weighs 400 pounds less which is roughly a 40hp equivelent advantage to the 1m

So for equivelence the 1m's 330hp plus 40hp gives it 370 hp equivelent hp compared to an m3.

370 is about 40 hp less and exactly how much hp is needed for a car to pull away like the m3 does on the 1m.

So while maybe underrated, it probably is within a variance of a true 330 to 350 crank at the most.

Dyno turbo cars have such drastic variance compared to a NA motor you can't compare the two
Played around on the streets? Seriously? Thanks for sharing the results of this fine scientific research with us but maybe you did not notice that many people here actually could read before you start typing your horizon enhancing post.

So let me start my personal bs on this already dead subject: How do you explain people who owns both and keep on posting here many times over that M3 only walks away after reaching high speeds (200+ km/h) not before (more power at the top and drag difference, just natural), also various reputable magazine comparatives showing that manual to manual 1M and M3are almost identical and 1M is behind a DCT M3 only 0.1 to 0.2 seconds in acceleration tests? (not talking about US junk-industry magazines of course). They all are dreaming and making this stuff out of unexplainable hatred to M3 (which I love by the way)? There are so many contradicting testimonies in internet to yours, you can't really be unaware of all of them by chance!

Don't get me wrong I agree totally that this is not a 380 hp car in stock and ultimately M3 is the faster car when it comes to straightline acceleration (on a really long straight) but then how are you explaining lots of dyno results regularly and very similarly putting 1Ms only around 30 whp less than a M3? Because BMW advertised us a 80 hp crank difference between them, isn't it a bit huge real life difference to let go?

There are no variances to speak of; it is not like one 1M makes a 330 and another 370; all 1Ms tested in serious workshops have been rated a minimum 350 to usually 360 hp, some optimistic ones getting over 370 even 380. Mine did exact same whp and wtq numbers that GIAC did before tuning theirs, and we had many months, different culture and 10,000 miles in between!

By the way, where people get this 400 pounds less myth? Really? An apples to apples 1M vs M3 coupe (manual) weight difference is the plain basic German specific cars with very similar equipment levels (means strippers) and BMW says they have only 85 kg. difference, yes 85 kg., it's like half of what you say, isn't it?

Maybe the M3 is a bit overrated by factory don't know that one, owners should investigate but we know enough already that 1M is underrated, it is close to a 10 % level, especially the torque, so BMW played really safe there. Get out of the box a bit when you start trying to make sense my friend and be safe on the streets, keep in mind that we don't like 1M because it is a power monster we love it because it is the most fun recent M car without being a hp champ.
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