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Originally Posted by champignon View Post
Carfax often counts the number of owners incorrectly. Crossing the border itself could easily account for 2-3 "owners" on one of their reports. You need to look at the dates and locations of these "owners" in order to figure out if they are real or not.

There are vintage cars that trade ownership virtually every year, and in some cases you can have a 15 or 20 year old car with 8 or 9 owners, however I'd be surprised if this car had more than 2-4.
Yes Canadian registration system is
Weird. For example my car was originally owned by a Canadian dealership. It was register as a corporate demo car owned by dealership manager it had about 5 registration events as the dealer was using temp registration and it shows as multiple owners. Another US owner leased his 1M then bought it after lease was registered as 2nd owner. If it has 7 owners it might have been a corporate car in Canada. Check if multiple owners in same city in Canada. You can also check with Bmw by vin and see if corporate car.