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Very nice work Raj.
Thanks Edwin! When's yours due?

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Great job on the lambo!

Just wondering, would you recommend the Nanolex Ultra over Wolf's Hardbody? And can the Hardbody be used on the wheels like the nanolex can?
Cheers mate!
Yes, Hardbody can be used on wheels and with great results too.
You know, I really like Hardbody. Nanolex is an alternative, it just depends on what you want. Ultra lasts for up to 3 years (manufacturer claim) and as we know, Nanolex is regarded as one of the market leaders in the Nano sealant world. Their products are fantastic, even the Premium Sealant spray which is a great product for anyone looking to DIY. Each to their own at the end of the day.

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Nice! I take it you can still wax etc over the top of the Nanolex sealant?
Cheers! Yes you can There were a few options with this matte painted Lamborghini - SV Opaque, Dr. Beasleys and Nanolex. In fact, Nanolex is due to release matte paint specific sealant, but Premium was easily suited to the task and the owner was shown how to DIY with the product for later applications.