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Originally Posted by joeo View Post
I ran the ATX-20HD for a year, but recently it has stopped working. I can jump the car, and it runs, but as soon as I shut it off, the battery turns off.

Going to send it back. Maybe the 30 is more appropriate? For most of the year, I could leave it connected for several weeks, and it would start the car no problem. If the battery is very cold, you can turn the lights on, for about 10 seconds - that warms it up enough to start. At least until recently!
One thing I'm confused about is:
You need to use a Lithium charger for it. But, apparently it's OK to use the factory charging system which is expecting an AGM. I don't get that part.

Yeah these small batteries just don't last with frequent cranks and deep discharges. This is really a mod for people that don't daily the car. Leave it on a trickle charge when not in use. I have had an anti-gravity 4lb LI battery in my car for about 2 years now and it's still great, but, the car just sits in the garage on a charger 24/7. Previously, the PC925 (brand name 20lb agm) lasted about 2 years... and a generic 20lb agm battery I had before that (DEKA 30L) only last about a year.

The LI batteries are even worse since <40f and the cold cranking amps really suffer.
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