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Rear suspension sagging

Hello everyone,

The 1m is aging well overall,

I have noticed that both sides of my rear suspension is starting to sag to the point that the top of the tire is starting to tuck into the top of the wheel well.

Looking at the press photos of the car when it launched there’s appears to be about a 1” gap in the rear that’s gone.

In the garage I measured from the ground to the top of the fender well:
Left - 26 - 5/8”
Right 26 - 1/8”

Earlier in the season I notice the rear tires would chirp all the time when turning from a stopped position, where I though initially this was an alignment issue I now suspect the rear sag has something to do with it.

I inspected the right hand side spring for cracks and did not find anything material.

I am going to look at both springs and review the shocks for any leaking.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Anyone else with a dipping rear?