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Originally Posted by Orb View Post
I wish I had the resources to do all this years ago. Made a M3 toe arm by using FEA. The end results as the arm starts to yield at 4600 lbf. The goal was to meet 4x corner load. I used Hirschmann scp20 bearing rs2 (size 22) bellow seals.
Very nice. I am really impressed by how long an OE spherical bearing lasts provided the seal remains intact, so I wanted to use a similar approach. I have reverse engineered the bearing cavity on the M3 toe arm and figured out how to swage the thing together, so I will use this approach on my prototype arms as I bought a couple of M3 toe arms to a) test and b) get the bearings from.

This wouldn't be a good approach for a commercialized solution (which I am not intending to do). I had assumed the M3 bearing cavity would have been cylindrical, but it is actually hemispherical and thus much more critical with respect to tolerances. Your approach is a good one. Does Hirschmann make the bellows seals? I briefly considered using a standard Aurora spherical bearing with turned spacers pressed in from each side, but I did not find a convenient source for appropriate seals so stuck with the M3 bearing approach.

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