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what have i done!!!!!

hey guys I needed to change out the valve cover gasket as it was starting to leak a bit of oil on the exhaust manifold.. when I was removing the valvetronic camshaft solenoid I didn't release all the tenstion from it and I pulled it out.. not to concerned, so I cleaned all debris from the old gasket off the head, installed the new rubber gasket, and re installed cover and reattached all wires plugs ect.. while iam there I also changed the two solv in the front of the motor.. OK HERE is where I need your help.. I start the car up as per bmw specs.. motor is running perfect,, after about a min or two it starts to cough and sputter and almost stalls.. checked all hoses and clamps, all ok, ran a diagnostics on my computer, it shows all good until it starts to stutter than I get hundreds of misfire codes on all cylinders.. WHAT HAVE I DONE... did I damage the vanos, destroy the camshaft, wreck the ozone layer, iam stumped, can someone please help me out with this, I can take videos and provide pics of diagnostics upon request if needed.. right now I get code 2882. I clear it, restart car, no code until engine warms up, hear a click, then code reappears again... and back to audi syndrome, motor runs like poo...

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