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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
This is about the most stupid thing I've read this week. Arguing about who is lying about when the Tesla died or not. Who in the hell pays $85K for a car that can barely go 300 miles and takes an hour to recharge at one of the company's recharging station? I drive my car for over 400 miles, find a gas station, recharge it in five minutes and I am on my way for another 400 miles....
That's awesome . . . for now. But when gas hits $10 a gallon, people will be yearning for more efficient ways to travel. Not that the Tesla, at 90k fits that bill just yet.

I drive about nearly 900 miles a month in my Volt for about $17 bucks a month total . Recently started a new job that's 100 miles a day round trip. Drove my GF's car for a week. Even at 26mpg, that hurt.