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Originally Posted by bdaddylo View Post
+1 Most of the Clear Bra haters never had it installed on their cars. You can't beat 3M's warranty. If it yellows, they'll replace it for free with no questions asked. What more could you ask for?
Are you actually reading the thread? No hate here???

First, there IS a reply from someone that HAS had it installed on their cars and it has yellowed and they want it off.

Second, I said that it is a grey issue. If you live in a harsh place, it's worth the risk/cost. Here in SoCal, it's not worth it for me. I wouldn't buy a used car with it on because I don't know who put it on and what was used.

Maybe in 8-9 years if the current stuff looks good and the paint doesn't discolor due to sun, I would love to change my mind. But I can only go by what I see and the stuff that was used in the past and is now on older used cars, looks bad. These guys made the same promises 8-9 years ago.

Anyway, this thread is about Trakktape. If have a clear bra, great go with it. If not, you can try trakktape....It's a free country last time I checked where people can exchange ideas. We are exchanging ideas between fans and just because they are different than yours, it's not cool to just start calling people haters!