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Originally Posted by bbnks2 View Post
I think D4 and D6 contain low levels of friction modifiers as marketed by Redline when they say this fluid has "superior synchronizer performance." The low friction synchros in an N55/1M 45bz box specifically states not to use friction modified fluid in the gearbox...
Once you have grinding of your gears/syncro's... no fluid is gonna help. Sometime's some fluids may cover up the problem... but on a fast hard shift... your gonna get a grind. I can remember using BG's Syncro Shift in past cars... it does cover up worn syncro's - but like I said on a quick shift it will still grind.

All I can say is contact Redine Oils and see which fluid they recommend. I am still using their AFT-D4 in my 135i with 155K kms with no issues. I drive hard on the Autobahns but I don't ever speed shift my gear. Shift quickly, but I don't bang my gears and tear out my motor mounts when shifting.

I have tried Redline's MTL, but I feel that it's quick thicker on cold starts in the winter. In the summer I can't tell/feel any difference.

This thread reminds me I need to change my fluids(trans and diff) again on my next oil change.