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Originally Posted by jaymcars View Post
Dack.... One quick thing- I am thinking it's a good time to replace my gear box oil since I have no record of it being done previously at first glance.

Are you of the thinking that Redline alternative is too thick on cold starts and we should just stay with the original recommended gearbox oil?
It is a good idea to change your manual transmission fluid. Especially since you don't know when it was last changed. BMW says it's lifetime fill... but that means until the car is out of warranty.

The factory oil is fine. But I prefer Redline.

I am running Redline ATF-D4 in my manual 135i. I like it. in my e30 540i I am running Redline MTL and its good, but the car sits outside in the German winters and the first few shifts are kind of stiff. Once it warms up its fine. I will probably go back to using Redline's ATF-D4 bc I have some of that fluid on hand.

I believe Redline recommends D6 ATF, which is a slightly thinner viscosity(flows better when cold). I think in the hot Florida weather you would be perfectly fine with AFT-D4. You will need 2.1 liters of oil.

I would also change your rear diff fluid too. Use a 75w140 GL5 gear oil. You will need 1.2 liters of oil.

Order some new(4) crush o-rings from BMW too.