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Originally Posted by jaymcars View Post
Dack, thanks so much. I am going to take your advice and just get the oil changed. Also, because I live in SW Florida I am going to go with the TwinPower 5w30 per your suggestion. One quick thing- I am thinking it's a good time to replace my gear box oil since I have no record of it being done previously at first glance.

Are you of the thinking that Redline alternative is too thick on cold starts and we should just stay with the original recommended gearbox oil?
Hi Jay, how are you been? Long time I haven't been on here, been busy and all.
When I first got my 1M, I did the first gear oil change around 7k miles, I got the gear oil from Porsche dealer because back then my local BMW don't have diddly squat, did my research on here thats how I know that P gears run same oil, and here's the kicker, Porsche fluid is CHEAPER than BMW, my car now is 47K miles and run like a charm, gonna do another change soon.
Been busy with the new car lol
If I were you, do the change asap, its been quite awhile since you have the 1M, and if you are not sure, just do it, and just listen to Dack, he is very informative and helpful.