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I am pleased to report that the crowdfunding campaign, although not entirely successful, raised enough money for a burger on the way back from the dealership.

They must have taken pity on me; although the evaporator was replaced, the total bill for that was "only" about $2300, including the tax. I think that our labor rates in Idaho are a lot less than in some coastal states, which helped a lot.

The small amount of undercarriage rust that I had not previously treated (from the car's first 3 years in Ontario) was treated with Corroseal by my tech at the same visit. My tech inspected in areas I could not see with a boroscope on my last visit and requested that I bring the product in that I had used on the other superficial rust that I had already treated. He reported that the prior treatment I had done was holding fine, and that there was no rust of any concern at all on the car at this point. It obviously helps that the 1M is a summer car for me, and lives on a lift in my garage during the winter months.
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