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225/40 MPSS fronts - after 21,000 miles and no rotation, noticed some cords showing on the inner shoulders when I changed the oil this weekend. Car was in the shop a month ago, and they didn't mention it, so must be a pretty new development. (N55 E88 - Dinan camber plates; I think I'm set about 1.6-1.7 deg negative. Perhaps I'll have them back it off to around -1.3. Though I don't think 21k mi is too bad on a set of Super Sports on this car.)
Love 'em so much, I'm replacing tires with the same thing again.

I didn't see any such nonsense on the rears when I did the brakes 3 weeks ago. They are getting near the wear bars, but not quite there. Winter is mostly over, so I'm going to see if I can stretch them through, or at least into, the summer.
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