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Originally Posted by Cavpilot2k View Post
I've been running PSS 225/255 for about 2 years now and have loved them.
I need to replace them when I put summers back on in a few days.
Any feedback on the newer Michelins?
I am sold on Michelin tires, so it's either PSS or one of the newer ones.
These are 7-8 month/year dedicated summer street tires, so all-seasons need not apply.
I have Michelin PS4 tires. Not to be confused with the PS4S tires.

PS4S are suppose to replace the PSS tires. I think either one would be a sound choice.

Someone recently posted that the PS4 is a comfort sporty tire. Oddly enough that is what I first noticed last year with I drove off the "tire lot" with the PS4 tires. The ride was really quite good. I really could not tell the difference in performance compared to my PS3 tires. PS3's are no longer available here in Germany. Its funny bc today I just ordered four new PS4 tires.

I think PSS tires are a cut above the PS4 tires. That is IF you can still get them. I suspect soon you only can get PS4S.