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Originally Posted by john08135i View Post
I ran the trailer lights wiring thru the grommet on the right just below the taillight.
I used a wiring kit MODULITE 119190. $75 at my local trailer store.
It is powered directly from the cars battery and tab into the tail lights to get signal. I was hoping this would keep my LIGHT out warning to not happen..but it does register light out all the time..oh well.
all lights work and im not pulling power thru the taillight harness so its fine.
I got a Modulite as well. What wires did you tap into (there appear to be a couple of bulbs that light up for brake)? And the tail lights just seem to be power to the LED/fiberoptic type lights in the tail light assembly.

Here is what I could find that I think will work:

Left side of the car in multibulb assembly wires:
Left Turn: Blue wire with green stripe
Brakes: Purple with Yellow stripe

Left side of the car on Tail light bulb harness:
Tail Light: Purple wire with Light Blue stripe

Right side of the car in multibulb assembly:
Right Turn: Blue wire with Brown stripe
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