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Originally Posted by MastaMind View Post
The mods moved a thread with "race" in the title to the track/autocross/dragstrip/performance driving forum. How is that burying the thread?
I hope the admins/mods discuss this a bit further. Ignoring that some owners will engage in street racing will not discourage it at all...and it means over-moderating to stamp-out street racing threads. I always shake my head at forums that refuse to allow kill stories because they think they are discouraging street racing.

And dispite that some folks think it's dump/dangerous/not's going to happen and some folks enjoy that activity.

BUT...track/autocross folks generally don't like kill or drag racing threads in their forums.

Bimmerforums is a good model...they have a place for kill stories, and a separate place "organized" racing. Although, I'd recommend having an "Track/Autocross" forum and a "Drag Racing/Street Encounters" forum. Give everyone someplace to post what interests them. :thumbup: