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Originally Posted by Mikebuzzsaw View Post
LoL, I'm 20 in college. I think my mind is skewed because one of my close friend died street racing at UCI in his M3. I could've stopped him from street racing, but I didn't want to sound like a "parent." I now live my live in regret.

The road curved and the guy got too close to him and "pit maneuvered" him by accident. My friend's M3 flipped and he died 4 hrs later. Yes, that was drivers errors, but his life could have been saved if he opted out of street racing. In the end, if he survived and won.. what has he gained? A boosted ego? He gained nothing. RIP 2006.

Once you know or witness someone dying because of street racing, you open up your eyes. Be safe out there.
damn im sorry bro.
i was in a near death experience one week from tonight. We were on this crazy back road in the tampa area. there was s turns that were tight. then 2 mile straightaways. We were in my friends vw gti vr6. We were on a straight away going 115 and we saw a turn ahead and it came to quickly. We hit it at 80 roughly and we would have been fine but he braked in the apex of the curve and we lost total control and flew off the road and almost wrapped around a pole. Im young and that opened my eyes. I could never drive like that after that night. i dont oppose "fun" off a red light if its safe out and you keep it under 100 but after 100 its just crazy.