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Originally Posted by Mikebuzzsaw View Post
There is a reason why street racing is ILLEGAL. It's endangers the lives of other people driving, yourself, people walking on the street and so fourth. There's no such thing as "safe" street racing. You guys need to grow up and consider the danger you put everyone else in. You prove NOTHING when street racing other than the fact you are "cool." I just hope you don't hit and kill me when you lose control of your car at 100mph on the freeway.

Keep it on the track, that's is what it's for.
Ok, that is the greatest misconception of why any laws are put into place...the reason why it is illegal is not because every single person cannot do it safely. It is because it just takes one person who thinks they know how to drive to kill themselves or someone else (note how i did not say family for all you idiots going for the sympathy plee)...

anyways my point being is the law does not say that street racing is is there because it is in place for the good of society. It is making a statement that there are people that take things too far and that is what puts people's life in danger...

There is nothing wrong with putting two cars on either end of a road and making sure no cars are coming and then racing.

So please guys no more strict generalizations