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Originally Posted by InsaneSkippy View Post
No matter how you spin it, street racing is POINTLESS. What exactly do you have to prove by doing it? Please don't just say "It's fun" or "I want to see what the car can do"

Street racing IS unsafe. You cannot deny the amount of deaths caused by street racing. If you try to ignore the statistics then you're not looking at both sides of the argument. What happens when you're doing 90 on some back road and your tire blows out? No, I'm not just saying that's the only dangerous thing that could happen. There are a MULTITUDE of factors that could go wrong and end up in someone dying or being seriously injured. Just because someone has watched the Fast and the Furious box set doesn't mean they can street race. Some will say they know how to drive and can "handle" street racing. The truth is, if they REALLY knew how to drive, they wouldn't be racing illegally.

I don't even know where to start with this one. Speeding tickets, car getting impounded, trip to jail, massive fines, loss of license, insurance rates being hiked, someone getting hurt, criminal record.

I didn't not intend to take this out on you, however I think a lot of people on here are being ignorant. There's NOTHING to gain by racing on the streets. There IS no positive. If you want to prove something or actually RACE then take it to a track. Whether it be a drag strip or an auto cross track.

I always see people bragging about what car they beat from a roll, or from light to light. The truth is, if you really wanted to brag about something, take it to a place where everything is fair and designed to be a competition.
Perfect. Well said.

At a BMW 1'er drive event I attended yesterday I over heard some clown talking about how his son raced his 330ci against his friends M3 from the West Side of Vancouver to Downtown and how surprised the friend was that the 330 could keep up. When I asked the dad if he realized how dangerous that was he says "they do it all the time, they know what they are doing".
The stupid F*#k was actually proud of the kid. I wonder how proud he'll be if he has to bury his son one day.
The fact that the slower car could keep up on city streets meant nothing more than the 330 driver took more chances and/or was just plain lucky.
Take it to the track if you wanna prove something.
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