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Originally Posted by WPG D33Z View Post
Car looks great! Can never go wrong with some fat lips
Thanks man! Lovin' the deep dish

Originally Posted by BrokenVert View Post
Yeah I walked into a dealer in mid july, found a car. Some stuff happened (they dropped my first car off the truck at the dealer in southern jersey when it was being loaded for the dealer transfer)

Two weeks later and my car was sitting at the dealer. One problem though. It showed up in the afternoon the day before I had to travel to Puerto Rico for a week and I couldnt make it before the dealer closed.

Before my flight left I stopped at the dealer with a flashlight at 4am to spot my car through the fence. Then I had to leave it there for a week...tough times. ha! I ended up signing for it and driving away on August 16th.
Im honestly surprised a passing cop or security guard didnt think I was trying to steal a car.

Thats crazy though. I didnt know how many people basically went through the same stuff I did.
Now that's a crazy/awesome story! I'm glad you finally got the car you wanted... even though it's pretty much blown up in every possible way since then. Your username was strangely prophetic, wasn't it?

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