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I used dinoc 3m carbon fiber on all mine and holding up very well. I have a lot and if u need some to do ur shoot me an pm with ur adressi will send u some to try it out
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I know what you're saying about the roundels, though. I fully agree. My old wheels were Breytons which were black with a red stripe, so the Red+Black carbon fiber look worked very well (especially with the interior being red too). Now that I have silver in the wheels, the red just didn't look right so I had to go with plain black and white to match the black and silver better. But nobody that I know of makes a CF trunk roundel for the 1 series. Maybe they do now, but for a long time none were available and I'm not sure where to get one. The hood I can do easily, but the trunk's a pain. So for now it stays badly mismatched while I try to figure out how to go about fixing the trunk. I don't want to just get stickers again because in my experience they fade and peel in 6 months except for the current ones which were made by a forum member and are super durable. Bimmian stickers just suck.

I understand you wanting to stick to the original colors too. It's really the "true" BMW colors. But as I mod the car more and more, I just think about it more as contributing to the accents and color scheme. When I put the red and black on, it was mostly just to have a single, cohesive theme with the black and red. Blue and white just clashes with my colors too much, what can I say? Lol.

But thank you for the input. I really do appreciate it. And though our thoughts on changing the roundels in general may differ, you are correct, my roundels are ugly mismatched.