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Originally Posted by Tornado1M View Post
There seems to be so many car videos out in the market now.

I guess how do you know who is who and what there background is which qualifies their opinion as being valid???

Don't get me wrong, I like watching these videos....I'm just trying to figure out who is who?

Any recommendations of car reviewers that really get it aside from the Top Gear guy?

There are a lot of car you-tubers that are just people video logging about their lives and I am not a fan of that, but they have huge car collections and large followings, seems more about the lifestyle than any car knowledge....

I do watch Schmee (who would fall in that category) because he adores the Focus RS owning three of them and has a lot of content related to that. Some people can't stand him, but hearing him interviewed and having his business manager active on the M2 Forums, his team seems really down to earth, IMO.

I follow Obsessed Garage, because we bought F80's at the same time. It is more detail and washing oriented, not for everyone.

Here are my other subscriptions Some post every 8 months some post everyday.

Driveopolis. He is the best car reviewer IMO. Great, great reviews. He does them for this site, but does very few.

Chris Harris.

The Getawayer.

Smoking Tire. He can annoy me, but his car knowledge is pretty good and puts out lots of content. If you think, I would love to have a 997 4s lightly modded he has probably reviewed it. He has reviewed everything seemingly.

AutoTopNL. They are great, they love the 1M, very good channel. It is POV.

DPCars. Breaking news like the new 992 Porsche they are up with a vid right away.

Motortrend. They have lost a few guys but Jethro is really good.

Carfection. Like their content a lot.

Doug DeMuro. He has driven everything so his opinion is layered in driving a lot of cars

EverydayDriver. They are really good.


Straight Pipes. Really good camera work, not sure on their car knowledge TBH.

A bunch of F80 channels
A bunch of Focus RS channels
A bunch of 911/Cayman channels

Zygrene. Really good reviewer, loves the 1M.




Brian Makse

Autocar. They love the 1M since 2011

Throttle House

Glenn’s Car Collection. 1M content

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