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This is what I have measured so far. The ones with a tilde are not exact because I measured them inaccurately on an analogue bathroom scale. The rest were measured on a digital scale.

E82 Weights
Front M-Sport Seats ~ 30kg
Rear Seat Bottom Cushion - 7.2kg
Rear Seat Back Cushion - 14.5kg

Rear Side panels ~1kg
Rear Shelf with Speakers ~1.5kg
Front Door panel ~4kg
Arm Rest -2.6kg

Car Mats - 2.5kg
Trunk Lid Trim - 0.8kg
Trunk Floor - 2.5kg
Trunk L + R Liner - 2.2kg
B pillar L + R - 0.7kg
C Pillar L + R - 0.6kg
Under Dash Plastic Trim L+R - 1.1kg

Under Rear Seat Carpet 1.0kg
Under Rear Seat Lateral Carpet L+R - 0.6kg
Rear Floor Carpet - 5.1kg
Front Floor Carpet - 6.7kg

Air Conditioning
Evaporator - 1.5kg
Condenser - 2.1kg
Coolant Lines - 1.5kg
Heater Box Assy - 3.5kg