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If you get the 1M some company or trade it in, then...

...what might be your choice ?

We don't know the future and for sure car makers will continue to release nice goodies from time to time. Alike the 1M story: a couple of years ago none us expected it to be just around the corner and currently sitting inside our garages.

To me - rebus sic stantibus - the 1M is a keeper. No plans for a trade-in on the horizon.

Anyways, apart from the obvious choice of another ///M car or an ///M Performance car as sparring partner/weekender or trade-in for the 1M, maybe a Merc AMG A45, Audi RS3 or the $45K 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C puppy for some weekend fun might feature on top of that list ?

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("The car goes on sale in 2013 to lead the brand's much-delayed return to the U.S." and "Plans are to build just 20,000 coupes and 10,000 Spiders worldwide, meaning that demand is quite likely to outpace supply". Hm, sounds familiar.
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