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Frog Residue

I apologize beforehand if this sounds ridiculous. Everyone on here was so extraordinarily helpful with my questions on ingrained bugs, and I hope you can offer me some extra advice.

So.. I live in the woods. That's part of the reason I have such a problem with bugs, but I also have another problem which I don't think is quite as common. Frogs.

Every time it rains, hundreds upon hundreds of little frogs take it upon themselves to cross all the roads in my town. I live in an area with lots of reservoirs, lakes, swamps, and water in general, and when the rains come, the frogs are literally everywhere. Being the animal lover that I am, I generally try to avoid the frogs. I've been pulled over with the officer thinking I was drunk for swerving so much. He laughed when I told him I was avoiding frogs and just told me it's a lost cause.

They get squished under my tires, and the "residue" just sticks. By residue, I mean their little blobs of corpses. The residue doesn't very easily come off the tires from just regular driving, and it STINKS up my garage and just looks pretty gross as well. I am certain that the stink is from the frogs, and sometimes it permeates through the garage door into the entryway of my house as well. That's no good.

I need a way to clean them off, but I don't really want to touch them with my cloths. Bug guts on my cloths I can handle... frogs.. no way. Even if I wash them, it will still be in my head that microscopic particles from frog intestines are being rubbed into my car when I wipe it.

A lot of "no touch" products end up actually requiring scrubbing to work. Even Sonax (which is the best "no touch" product I've ever used on any part of the car) really needs a wipe down to work best. I don't want to touch. I just want them gone. Sometimes I do a burnout (as disgusting as it is) when the roads are dry again to get rid of the frog guts on the back tires. But I can't just try and drift, to skid the front tires to try to clean the frogs off the fronts after every time it rains.

Any ideas? Everyone was so helpful with the bugs, but I don't really expect many people have this same problem.

Between the frogs and the bugs.. I really gotta move

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