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Second Set of Wheels and Tires for "Winter" in Warm Climates?

I posted this on the Dallas/Fort Worth 1Ms thread and thought I'd post it here for some more advice.

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Hello All,

I could use some advice from the DFW group, as well as from other people who live in similar climates.

Do you do anything for a second set of tires where you live? Maybe a set of performance all-season tires for December through mid-February, or during a rainy season if there is one? An example of this is Pete_vB in the Bay Area, who switches between two sets of summer tires, depending on the season.

According to, the average low temp from December-mid February in Dallas is less than 40 degrees F, so I imagine there are a fair number of days when it could be problematic--or at least not ideal--for summer tires during an early morning commute.

So, any switchers? Or do you just keep summer tires on year round and leave your 1M parked on the days when it's especially cold?

I'm asking because I'll be moving to Dallas in a few months.

Before I knew I would be moving, I bought a set of 18" M3 wheels (style 260M). I was going to use them as part of a winter tire setup in Minnesota, but now I'm wondering if I should:
  1. sell the wheels and plan to run year round with summer tires in Dallas.
  2. keep the wheels and mount a set of tires for winter / rain (maybe some performance all-season tires).
  3. sell the wheels and buy an APEX ARC-8 square setup. This is what I really wanted for my second set of wheels, but while I was waiting for an ARC-8 group buy to come along and with winter fast approaching, I found a great local deal on the M3 wheels.
I could use the second set of wheels for a track setup, but the sad truth is I'll probably only do at most 3 track days a year, so I'm wondering if it's worth it to have a second set of wheels and tires that would see such limited use.

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Thanks, all. Any input you have is greatly appreciated!