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Originally Posted by C.junior View Post
So I though in steptronic mode you can bounce off limiter until you shift with the paddle but mine if I don't shift it automaticity up shifts for me

Also when I come to a stop it goes into gear 2 why not 1 when would you use first gear people say its best to launch in 2nd anyway?
No, if you hit red line it will automatically shift for you. I'd much rather have it shift than bounce off the rev limiter and cut power. Same applies if the RPM gets too low, it will downshift for you. The only other time it will shift for you is if you push the pedal all the way and hit the kick down button.

1st gear is practically useless with a tune but it's still fun to start in that gear sometimes. Throttle modulation becomes critical, you cant just floor it and leave your foot there.