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17" Winter Wheels! What does Gill like?

I thought I might list a few of my favorite winter wheels for the upcoming season. People frequently ask me what wheels they should get, so here are a few of my favorites for the 1 series and why. (This is solely my opinion and opinions vary.)

The Sport Edition KM11 is back for 2013. The color is a near perfect match for a 35% tint and the tail pipes. It takes BMW center caps and has a concave design that looks great. This is the wheel I run for the winter. This will be the first wheel we sell out of, mark my words. Get them soon if you like them!!

The Sport Edition A8. New for this winter. Nice design, easy to keep clean, great price. It also takes the BMW caps. It's offered in Silver and Gunmetal (grey.)

The Sport Edition F10. Great value, easy to keep clean, slightly concave and takes BMW caps. Popular choice.

Anzio Turn. A new selection for 2013-2014. Available in Silver and Black.

If you buy this product, or any other, from the Tire Rack, remember to use the "Shop Now" link for TTR at the top of the page and reference Gill. Doing that gets paid! If you call, call me direct (see signature.) There's no reason to wait on hold to talk to someone who knows as much about your vehicle as the F150 he drives. Call Gill, I'd love to help you.
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