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[QUOTE=Bill B.;13065381]
But, like your BMV said, they shouldn't have even charged you sales tax anyway, because the State still has its hand out, TO YOU. So, your only recourse would probably be that the dealer gives you back the sales tax that they collected.QUOTE]

well, that makes sense. i guess I didn't look at it from the "return what has been paid perspective" so I can correct it. Like I said, if i'm wrong in this then I have no choice but to accept it and drive happy.

Originally Posted by bromandude View Post
tax stuff is on you...its yours to pay....
yes I understand that fully, but I was arguing/taking the stand that they made the error, not me. I didn't know if I had probable cause or standing to actually do anything about the situation. That's what I was questioning. This thread was not attempts to get people on my side, just to assure myself that my actions were correct or not.

I know its not the same because of a contract, but in looking at a consumer/seller stand point--if the seller agrees to one price and sells the product, then later realizes there is more money required for something in the production process than accounted for, the seller doesn't go back and ask for more money from the consumer. Like I said I know its not the exact same because it's a tax issue and is mandated to be paid, its just a line of thought--but isn't import tax accounted for by any company shipping a product in? Its taken care of in the cost that the seller discloses

All this happened yesterday, I figured I would get a general consensus before requesting something absurd from the dealership.

Thanks for the input, it's appreciated and made me re-think my stand point a little.