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What happened in Benghazi, and the fact that pleas for additional security were ignored, that is a big deal. Even self-professed democrats in this thread have called the handling of the whole affair so far to be a disgrace. With each day, more bits of data get out, and it looks worse and worse with the passage of time, not better.

How long must you wait before people stop talking about it ? I would imagine it will stop getting cycles on the news outlets when a week can go by without increasingly damning revelations about it stop seeping out into the public domain.

It is only a double standard if you can argue that the Obamafone thread was designed to be a similar distraction from an equally egregious dropping of the ball by the Romney camp. You know, look over here at these dumb Obama supporters, pay no attention to the deaths that happened on Mitt's watch. I'm unaware of anything he did that would come close to ranking up with the Benghazi debacle.

Given the amount of screen time the "binders of women" and "big bird" comments have received by the Obama/Biden ticket during speeches, one would think these two stumbles are on par with what happened in Libya. Clearly they are not the same severity, but it's understandable why they would want to keep those occupying peoples attention.