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Black is the Ultimate Safe Color

Originally Posted by Taki View Post
I knew someone would call me on that. :wink: The difference is people view silver as a safe, unobjectionable color. It's bland and blends in too much.

Keep in mind this is coming from someone who is busy removing all silver/chrome from the exterior of the car. Black grilles are on, black wheels are next. I'd replace my aluminum interior trim with the CF if it was cheaper.
Was recently looking for an '08 1 series in stock and called around and found - not silver - but nothing but Black. Complained to the rep that was helping me and his response was BMW dealers view Black as their ultimate safe color so they order tons of them. He said management views black as safe and conservative. He said the older types really go for Black.

As for the original question - silver vs. blue water - I like both alot but Titanium looks great on the one in person. It really does shine and the red coral interior is just perfect with that color.