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I believe... I think the //M1 is a well done car! Not a total home run in my book, but it is quite good and deserving of the M-brand(ing). Sure... //M could have done a few more M-touches better (hood and csl-like trunk lid & less weight)... but thats the bean counter's call like Scott said.

I don't quite understand WHY BMW must kill off the e92/e93 M3. Why couldn't BMW continue to build the M3 coupes for a year or two along side of the new F30 3er sedan. ??? BMW did that with the e46 when the e90 came out. Why not do the same now?

I also sincerley hope BMW goes with a Z4M and not another SAV M-car. An X3M makes no sense to me! That would send the wrong message to //M-car fans the world over. Lets see how big the "M budget" will be for a Z4M car!?!?

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