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can't seem to turn off traction control

First off, I'm totally aware of how to turn off the traction control by holding the button.

I'm having an issue where even when I hold the button and the little triangle comes up, it still feels like traction control is interfering quite a bit. I have some bolt ons and meth, and I'm used to my car just destroying the rear tires whenever I hit the gas, but lately I can't even get the car to spin the tires without it feeling like the brakes are trying to grab. If I hit the gas in first, it feels like this, but for example if I'm on the highway in third, the car pulls like it should and I feel no issue(likely just not losing traction on the highway. I also don't spin at all when I do a 1-2 shift, where it normally would spin like crazy there.

The only thing I can manage to think of, is that my brakes are due to be changed(they are squealing a bit now). I'm taking it in for service soon to get the brakes done, but I'm wondering if anybody knows if these things have anything to do with each other? Does the car have some sort of traction control safety that won't let you turn it off when the brakes are this low. This is not a bad clutch or anything like that by the way. I don't smell anything, and I can throw it in a high gear at low speeds without getting any slipping of the clutch. I'm also monitoring with the in dash gauges from my JB4, and I'm hitting the correct boost, and meth is flowing fine, so I don't see any issues there.

Just wondering if anybody knows about this, or have had this happen to them, so I know if the dealership visit will fix this. Thanks.
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