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Yes, I used to be able to punch it in first at very low speeds and I would lose traction. The car used to spin the tires doing the 1-2 shift as well. The only thing it does now, is when I punch it in first, the tires will start to break loose, and then it feels like someone is pulsing the brakes. It feels very much like having traction control on and trying to spin the tires. I know the tires won't spin in third though. I was just pointing out that there doesn't appear to be a slipping clutch or anything, since the car pulls like normal in that gear, and it's seeing the full 17psi of boost in that gear.

Jefryhorizon, it's not low brake fluid, it's low brake pads. I have not yet tried just doing a burnout in first to see what happens, since there isn't really a place around me to do that very easily. I'm not having an issue with the car shutting off either, like that guy.
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