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Originally Posted by RadiuM View Post
this car.. is farking awesome. have done 500km's so far and its a little beauty. I haven't driven one since my test drive 6 months ago and forgot how great it was. Everything just works perfectly and it feels so solid at any speed.

Taking it easy though and following the manual saying not to take it past 4500 for the first 2000km's. But with all that torque from 1300rpm who needs to go past 4500. I can't wait to rev it all the way out though.

Time for some more driving today!

pickup was good, they did some quick run throughs of stuff like servicing, warranty, etc etc. and then about 15mins of the car and some of the common features.

Goodies, we got some hats, car care kit and a picnic thingo which we asked for but they gave us a 600$ glamour photo voucher. Although its great they gave us a gift when purchasing the car I think that it's a pretty lame one. I'm probably going to give it to my sister who has two children. Unless they are happy to take pics of the car

Shall upload some pics tonight as we'll go driving in it today and take some.
Awsome man !! so happy 4 ya ...

And ... I will be very happy for myself in about a week or so when I pic mine up !!! Cant wait !!!

Enjoy the beast !