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Originally Posted by atr_hugo View Post
Gotta agree with Jeremy - evaporative emissions testing. The gas bottle has an 'N" on it, I believe, Nitrogen?

That would make sense. We use compressed nitrogen all the time in areas where we need clean, dry compressed air, but don't have a compressor. It's shocking how long a standard industrial bottle like that one will run typical air tools, so they'd last a long time in a leak testing application where you're just putting a little pressure on the tank and watching for it to bleed down.

I'm guessing that maybe the box on the cart is the monitoring equipment, and they're using the stainless lines to minimize expansion and make the test more accurate.


As I'm going back and lookig at the pictures, I'm not sure the bottle is even hooked up here. It's hard to be positive, because that line on the wall runs right where the outlet line would be. They've got another line feeding it from the top, and that could mean that the bottle is there for mobile testing, but in these shots they've got it plugged in to their shop compressed air source.