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Originally Posted by maddad View Post
We were closed last week. There was an auto-responder on the email so emails sent should have had an automatic response. I did long in for a minute from my hotel but didn't have time to do any posts.

Long awaited better clips will have to wait one more week. I won't be getting the new unit on this weekend. Forgot about the holiday weekend and the wife already had plans. I know we'll sell quite a few exhausts once I have better clips posted so it's still something high on my radar.

In regards to the intermediate pipe to complete the catback, that is on hold for the next month. We've had a few projoects going on at the same time and we've had to switch priority to get out or 08+ STi catback out in time for a trade even in mid June. This project started well before the 135i exhaust and it has to be completed before the show. I want the intermediate pipe for my own car so as soon as it's possible we will turn our attention back on that piece.

I didn't receive the auto-response unless it was lost in my SPAM messages on Yahoo. Otherwise, I would have waited and sent another email after you were back in the shop.

It is a shame that everyone waiting for the better clips, myself included, will no longer get the $649 price.