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Originally Posted by Jezzer View Post
My 1M is now coming up for a year old and all those lovely bills for tax and insurance have to be paid again.
Last year I insured with BMW insurance underwritten by Allianz. This year the premium is the same. I decided to look round for other quotes and got a quote from Allianz which was 100 cheaper than BMW insurance for basically the same insurance. Spoke to BMW and they wouldn't match it. Perhaps it's because they know how easy it is to steal my car
I went on money supermarket and the lowest quote was 279 from Sainsbury's insurance. Has anyone insured their 1M with them?
Do I pay 500 and go with BMW insurance or 279 with Sainsbury's.
I know the old saying you only get what you pay for but are there any disadvantages buying cheap car insurance?
jez, even if it's a few hundred extra, get whatever best coverage for your M. after all, we have paid for your insurance premium