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An induction service wont do anything to rid the DI system of its carbon buildup. This has been discussed in many, many other threads. The BG stuff is good stuff, but for the right application its intended for....

I have a friend who owns his own shop and uses BG products. Ive bought a bottle of the 44k for about 15 bucks I think. These shops are charging you labor mostly, not for the chemicals that make up some of these ridiculous repair bills. 180 for fuel induction service = seafoam or similar induction that cost them under 2o bucks in shop fees and straight profit on the labor....

Stay away from those who promote the induction service and find yourself someone who can do the media blasting on the valves. Can you clean the carbon off the valves without the walnut media blaster? Of course... It's done daily all over with the same process of removing the intake manifold, but the mechanic is taking more time and using chemicals the dissolve the deposits and using brushes and picks to scrape away all the gunk. The walnut blasting was designed to be faster and more efficient than the chemical scrub for DI engines and if you can find someone who can do it for under 600 than go for it. it's worth it.