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Originally Posted by Rob32R View Post
Because dodgy mobile touch up repairs

No one can paint match unless they have the proper tools and equipment. People like the guy mentioned above are only for ''touch ups'' I'm sure you don't want that. Do it right or don't do it at all because you have problems in the long run if the job is unprofessional.

No PHOTO after the repairs Jeef beef???

There's is only one mobile guy who I strongly and highly recommend his skills and perfection is undeniable.
I'm sure your extensive experience in high school and being a forum nuisance makes you extremely qualified to make a judgment on his 'tools and equipment'. You should start paying for your own stuff and actually understand how guys like this work so you can appreciate the difference between $1k and $400.

I wasn't talking about the paint matching, he guarantees paint matching and regular dent removal with no problems. It was in my case that dent was on a crease with paint taken down to the bare metal and he made that statement. He told me to go to a proper workshop if I wanted an absolutely perfect job, which would cost a few grand and take several days. I was not willing to pay a few grand at a panel beater or go thru insurance when a $400 job looked just as good. For OPs purposes, the damage is nowhere near as severe so this guy is PERFECT.

Regardless, the person you 'recommend' overcharges exorbitantly. On what basis do you recommend him?

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