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A buddy of mine owns a tuning shop in SA, TX. He removed the carbon build up on my 60k mile 2009 135i.

He didn't want to do the media blasting method, but instead opted for the soaking method. He did my 60k maintenance at the same time as the intake valvle cleaning and had it all done the car back to me in 2 days. The price I paid for 60k maintenance and valve cleaning was great.

My intake valves had severe carbon build up. We're gonna do another valve cleaning before I get a meth kit on the car to see what kind of difference we see after 20k more miles.

He's actually looking for a 135i for himself if anyone is looking to sell theirs; he recently tuned a 135i for someone and was so impressed with the gains that he wants to tune his own.

Here's his contact info if anyone wants to get a hold of him for any reason.

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