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Originally Posted by vtl View Post
During the turbo install, i removed the subframe and 034Motorsport engine mounts. I had just installed the mounts a week earlier and had around 600km on them so far.

I had already unbolted the mounts from the bottom and top. As I tilted the subframe downwards during removal the engine mounts rolled out in pieces!

One of hte mounts had failed, and the other mount lookedl ike it was close to failing. The problem is the bottom cap is pressed in and the bottom perimeter of the mount is pressed in, preventing the cap from falling out. Unfortunately they had not pressed them in enough and resulted inthe caps moving. This is bad because the plastic caps support the weight of the engine.

034 was very responsive and had good customer service regarding the failure. They sent me new mounts which arrived within a few days. The new mounts look the same except they had laser markings on the body with the 034 logo on them. But personally I just didnt trust the mount design.

I had some 100mm billet aluminium stock at home so I machined up a pair of new caps to fix the old failed mounts. Took a while on the little lathe. After machining them i made up a pair of jigs to hold the bottom caps on during welding. I made the caps compress the rubber mounts slightly so the rubber wouldnt shift around so the jig was quite important. I have a cheap MIG welder at home so I could not weld these mounts myself. I used Ray from Rev Speed Auto in Clayton, cost $40 and was done very quickly. I figured these would be challenging as the mounts are filled with rubber so you really don't want to cook the mount as its being welded.

Installed them in on the weekend, feels much better than the old mounts I was using (335is right mount, stock left mount). Gear changes and throttle transitions feel a bit more solid. Only thing I notice now is a slight bit of a vibration from the engine at 650rpm idle. Will see if it goes away after a few weeks otherwise will bump up the idle speed to 675rpm. After driving the car on the weekend the vibration seems to have reduced significantly so will probably work itself out over the next few weeks.
You think that maybe filling the bottom rubber part with some sort of high temp rubber or epoxy would remedy that issue? Or where they just not manufactured correctly?

I just don't see the difference between the stock/335is or 034 with regards to that specific part of the mount, you know what I mean?