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Originally Posted by dee0007 View Post
The reason I was asking was because I get a lot of mixed reviews on the net , many claim that Zimmerman are garbage and easily warp :/
You will get mixed reviews for sure. You have to look at each situation and judge accordingly. Did they use Track pads and track? Did they use OE pads and use only on street? Does the car sit for long periods? This is a common issue with these rotors....zimmerman or factory. They are not meant to sit for long periods of time. They will get what some call garage rot which is buildup of corrosion that does not go away and makes the rotors feel warped. They are not actually warped but have uneven build up that makes them pulsate. If you read your 1M supplementary manual, it says there that these are high performance brakes and should be have heavy application periodically. I had this issue when I bought my car from previous owner and had it garaged all winter. I bought the car and drove it and brakes were pulsating. It was not a big deal but I asked him if it did that when he put it away for the winter. He said no, they were fine before. Anyway, BMW replaced under warranty and they explained that storing the car, especially in damp or humid environment will cause this. So there are plenty of other possibilities that can cause warping or the appearance of warping.

1M Manual link below


Finally, on Textar pads, I am a big fan of them. Alway had great luck with them. They tend to have great cold bite, which is high on my list but they also tend to be slightly noisier and can you have to be more diligent installing them. Make sure you use some BMW brake paste on all metal to metal contacts on the pads including the pad backs. The paste is less than $2 at the dealer. Jurid pads are generally quieter but don't have outstanding initial cold bite. Once warm, they work the same but when I'm driving around in the morning in a cold car and a kid runs in front of my car, the extra 5 feet it might take for the pads to bite can make the difference between "damn kid where are your parents" and OMG!
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