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Originally Posted by matacuero View Post

I get on this fairly frequently and although it's a male dominated forum with some of us being partly educated, it always reads like one of those teenage-girl forums that my daughter constantly chats on. Ignorant. Not to mention the amount of confrontations on this site is ridiculous.

If you are not bringing something positive, informative or even funny to this site you should stay the hell out. Watch some jersey shore, pawn stars or some other reality tv for your drama "fix" before logging on. just sayin...
^^^You must be joking if you think my response was ignorant. Who are you kidding? My e-mail was factual and it brought some relevance to the matter at hand.
Your e-mail offered absolutely no insight concerning this thread/the OP's question.
Read your e-mail and live by what you just posted.
Just sayin...